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Job Description

El Grandes Tech Services (EGTS) is supporting an emerging high-tech company based in Silicon Valley, focused on an innovative platform that provides insights and answers to the complexity of ever-growing information.

The Role:
• Creating, designing and implementing the next generation of knowledge discovery tools and big data analytics.
• Successful candidates will be expected to develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that can be used to extract decision-making signals from heterogeneous streams of unstructured data in real-time.
• Applicants must have a strong background in machine learning, computational semantics, and statistical modeling for predictive analytics. In addition, candidates are expected to have hands-on experience in deploying data analysis and machine learning algorithms on distributed systems.

Core Responsibilities:
• Collecting and preprocessing data, prototyping concepts, designing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms
Testing them on production data
• Key Qualifications
• PhD or a Master’s degree in Computer Science or related fields (preferably with major in Machine Learning / AI)
• 3+ years relevant experience
• Strong knowledge of state-of-the-art algorithms in machine learning (e.g. Bayesian learning, latent/topic models, approximate inference, deep networks, stochastic processes), graph analysis (e.g. community detection, random walk) and statistical modeling (e.g. hypothesis testing, dimensionality reduction)
• Proficiency in standard data analytics toolkits in Python, Scala or R
• Hands-on experience of Hadoop 2.0 (Spark, MapReduce) and AWS ecosystems is highly beneficial.

Av. Asociación de Industriales No. 103 Zona Industrial Apaseo el Grande, Gto.
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